Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fingerless gloves, giveaways, and yummy soup-dipping bread !

This past month flew by in a whirlwind of busy-ness - I can' t believe its April already! Unfortunately, that all that busy time wasn't getting any projects completed, but I did get to create something of my own design!

I had knit some fingerless gloves for the big-big one (my 7 year old daughter), and of course the little big one (3 years old) wanted some of her own. She loves going to the yarn store, and so she came along and picked some lavender yarn for her "glubs." I couldn't finish them fast enough for her - although it took me only 2 evenings to finish them! I'm super excited, because I actually made up the pattern on my own. I will write it up separately before too long.

Little "glubs"

Also, this past month I made a couple pairs of "Oma House Slippers" (Pattern page here). These are the cutest, fastest things I've made in a while!

Oma house slipper

I made a pair for my aunt Claudia ... they were too small and ended up being for her best friend (and sort of adopted aunt) Judy. So I made another pair for Claudia in a bigger size. I have TRIED making them with hemp, but the hemp cord I have is just way too thick. Which is really disappointing since I've always wanted some hemp shoes, but I'll get around to making them sometime with some smaller hemp cord.

I found the pattern through the Knit-Purl Gurl blog - which is one of my favorite blogs. Anyway, her Oma slippers are the cutest things ever, and what inspired me to make some of these for my Aunt's birthday... and probably for me and everyone else I know!

Speaking of Knit Purl Gurl, she has some awesome giveaways going on, for "March Madness" which I'm excited about. She has a summary of all the giveaways here. Lots of fun stuff!

Besides all the work, knitting, crochet and browsing giveaways this month, I have spent some time in the kitchen... Now, I'll be honest. Most of my experimenting in the kitchen results in something not so stellar, in my opinion. But I made these "Veggie Scones" that I thought were absolutely wonderful. More importantly, my kids loved them too! My little big one at 2 of them back to back - which is a lot for her!

Veggie scones

Tomato soup with veggie scones

I served them with some tomato soup (which was one of those not-so-amazing creations of mine... still working on that one). My big big one came up with the idea for the soup - it was practically all her intelligence there. But I just felt like something was missing... maybe some fresh basil or bell peppers. I'll have to work on that one. These scones definitely need some yummy soup to dip them into though, as they're a little dry just by themselves. Dippin' them in some warm soup is quite satisfying!

Here's the recipe for some VEGGIE SCONES, perfect for dipping:


1 cup small broccoli florets - cooked until soft
1 3/4 cup bisquick mix (I know, that's cheating... I think I'll work on a recipe without this)
1/2 tsp hing/asafoetida
1/2 tsp nutritional yeast (optional, if you can't find it or don't have any. Or if you just plain don't like it)
Pepper to taste
1/2 cup plain soymilk.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. 
Whisk together dry ingredients. Add broccoli and soymilk and stir until combined. I've also made this once before with some finely chopped bell peppers, and that adds a nice touch. I just didn't measure it out when I made it then - so feel free to improvise some with that.
Once its mixed, knead it about 10 times, or just until it smooths out a bit. Pat it into a circle about 1/2 an inch thick. Use a floured butter knife and cut the circle into 8 triangles. Place on un-greased cookie sheet. Brush tops with soymilk. Bake at 450 degrees (f) for about 16 to 20 minutes, or until golden brown, and the tops spring back when lightly pushed.

That's it! Super simple, quick, and great to go along with some soup on a chilly day. Too bad we won't be having too many more of those... eh.

If you don't have bisquick, you can try using self-rising flour and about 2 tsp of canola oil, or regular flour, 1 tbsp baking powder and about 1 tsp of canola oil. That's what I'm going to try - but I haven't yet, so don't hold it against me if it flops. Not yet anyway!

Time to get to that little man, his hunger calls!