Friday, January 8, 2010


Sorry, no new recipe yet (we've been eating enchilada leftovers...that recipe's for the book).

I just got a note from a friend about being vegan or vegetarian while pregnant and thought I'd share the response with everyone.  You definitely can stick to your veg(etari)an diet, just make sure you're eating healthy. One of my friends lent me the book Your Vegetarian Pregnancy and I highly recommend it.  Also, take prenatal vitamins! I've been taking Rainbow Light Vegan One, because it's the only one I can get locally that's totally vegan and doesn't cost a fortune. I tried taking another one this summer (they were out of the vegan one vitamins), but I was supposed to take four per day, and it made me nauseous.

Anyway, don't let people tell you you can't go through your pregnancy sticking to your animal-free diet, because you totally can. And best wishes to you!

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