Saturday, February 23, 2013

Adventures in Gargantuan Knitting

A little over a month ago I shared with my husband a blog post I stumbled upon. The girl had knit a gigantic blanket, using PVC pipes. ( I commented that this would be a great workout for my arms, thinking nothing else of it. My husband, on the other hand, took quite a liking to this blanket, and insisted that I buy the wool immediately and get started right away.

I wasn't quite sure he was serious. Really - do we need such a huge blanket? "Of course we do," he insists. "When are you going to Home Depot to buy your needles?" Well, why not then. I wanted to make him a sweater, but he couldn't decide what type of sweater he would like. So, if I can't make him a sweater, at least I could make him this.

After looking at all the pictures of the blanket, and the different projects on ravelry, my husband specified that he would like it denser than the one on the pattern page. I decided not to do the felting process described in the pattern to help open up the wool, and to use smaller PVC needles - only 1" pipes, 5 feet long. I ordered an extra pound of wool, which was shipped the same day and arrived promptly on our front door.

I cast on that night, attacking the giant 7 pound ball of wool with my duct tape tipped PVC "needles". We watched a movie, and I put in a couple hours of work, making some good progress. The next night my big one insisted on knitting a row, although it turned out she only lasted a few stitches. The pipes were fairly heavy, especially attached to all of that wool.

That 2nd night, I finished up the 7 pounds, and had a blanket that covered half of my bed. My husband advised me to immediately order another 8 pounds, so it would be shipped first thing the next morning. He wanted a blanket to cover our king size bed.

I did so, and had to spend a 3 day weekend anxiously anticipating finishing this blanket. It again arrived quickly, and a mere 2 nights later - on a appropriately chilly night - I had finished the largest feet of knitting I have yet to accomplish. The blanket is incredibly warm. Although the 15 pounds of wool makes it a bit cumbersome to handle, it is so cozy and soothing that I wonder how we ever slept without it.

As I reflect upon the many things I've managed to pull together out of some string and a couple of sticks, the most amazing accomplishments have always been at the encouragement of my husband. He has always been the one to push me to further my skills and make things that are more than just plain and simple. He inspires the artist within me. I'm very lucky and thankful to have such a wonderful partner in life.

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