Sunday, February 3, 2013

Back at it!

It seems the new year always brings me fresh inspiration to create and share with the world (although by looking at the dates on my blog, this feeling must have passed me by last year).

It took a month, but that feeling is back. I want to make ALL THE THINGS! Tournament 7 of nerd wars has started and is burning me to finish up those 2 projects that have been languishing on my needles. Firstly I am making a hat for someone I met, who expressed he would like to buy one of my hand knit hats (!!!) I'd like to think I can finish this tonight, but the powers that be often have other plans ...

Also I am finally working on a sweater for my big one, who is now 9 1/2! I can't believe I haven't made her a sweater yet, and I had to choose a lace-weight sweater! It's taking a while, but it is coming out beautiful. Last night she knot a row on it, and she now is planning to make herself a sweater this year!

As far as family goes, we had an exciting visitor yesterday. A very large grasshopper was taken hostage and brought into our house so my little man could "Touch it! Touch it!" very fun memories. The little big one, now 5, loves bugs of any kind, and was fearless as usual and had no problem picking it up and letting it crawl on her. Her big sister, on the other hand, screamed bloody murder and almost squashed the poor thing as she thrashed about in utter terror. Ah, yes ... And she says she is a tomboy.

Now, off to finish that hat!

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